Translanguaging is the process whereby multilingual speakers use their languages as an integrated communication system.[1] Translanguaging is an extension of the concept of languaging, the discursive practices of language speakers, but with the additional feature of using multiple languages, often simultaneously. It is a dynamic process in which multilingual speakers navigate complex social and cognitive demands through strategic employment of multiple languages. It is believed that the term was first coined in Welsh by Cen Williams as trawsieithu in his 1994 unpublished thesis “An evaluation of teaching and learning methods in the context of bilingual secondary education.”

TL-TS Research Group



The ‘Translanguaging & Trans-Semiotizing Research Group’ Channel aims at building a Community of Practice (CoP) of both emergent and experienced scholars for academic exchange on Translanguaging and Trans-semiotising research and pedagogies. It serves a

s a bridge between theory and practice, an interactive platform for intellectual dialogues across different generations and diverse contexts, a space for imagination, criticality and creativity, and an innovative Public Pedagogy forum for 21st Century students, teachers and researchers.

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